A pie is made out of baked pastry dough with either a sweet or savoury filling. There are many different types of pies around the world, varying in their shape, size and filling.

The pie has been around as early as the ancient Egyptians, who are thought to be responsible for its invention. Early pies were said to be in the form of galettes. They were flat and round in shape and hand-made. Modern day pies on the other hand, are mostly made with the help of current technology and machinery.

At Sloane’s

At Sloane’s, we use an old ‘John Hunt of Bolton’ pie press for our pies. It’s a cast iron, hand-crank press that we brought over from the UK and had reconditioned here. The pastry is worked less when pressed, and the end product is a pie with inch-perfect thickness. It’s a great old-fashioned piece of machinery that has not changed much in a century.

The Company ‘John Hunt’ dates back to mid-Victoria times.

The company is well known for supplying companies in the bakery and food processing industry, both large and small. It continues to be a family-owned and run business with the fourth generation actively involved.

They specialise in the manufacturing of pie, flan and tart machines ranging from the simple hand-operated “Little Champion”, to sophisticated machines with PLC control systems. To see more about them click here.

At Sloane’s we offer various pork pies including traditional pork pies, our Gala Pie, Pork & Pistachio en Croute, and our Chicken, Pork & Cranberry en Croute. All are set in aspic and wrapped in pastry.

Our team of chefs make all our pies in-house using our high-quality meats. Furthermore, they make our sauces from our home-made stocks for the best flavour and our pastry uses either real butter or fresh lard for a traditional style pie.