African swine fever (ASF) is a severe viral disease in pigs that can spread very rapidly in herds.

It can spread directly between infected pigs and healthy pigs. The spread of the infection occurs by touching the blood, tissues, secretions, and waste excreted by the body, such as urine, feces and the sweat of infected pigs. The disease occurs in many African countries and also in other parts of the world, including Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia and China.

Cases have occurred in South America but are now eradicated. African swine fever has never occurred in the U.S. ASF has serious animal health and economic consequences, including export bans on pigs and pork products. Although this disease is not a communicable disease between animals and humans, it has a major affect on the economy and industry of raising pigs.

The world’s largest pork industry, China, is facing an African swine fever crisis with thousands of infected pigs killed. According to CNBC news, China’s hog herd fell by half in the first eight months of 2019 due to a devastating outbreak of African swine fever and will likely shrink by 55% by the end of the year. Though not harmful to humans, African swine fever is deadly to hogs, with no vaccine available. It surfaced for the first time in Asia more than a year ago, and has now spread to over 50 countries. To learn more click here.

At Sloane’s

There is currently little to no risk of African swine fever in Thailand. We source the animals directly from the farms, ensuring full control over the entire supply chain. Our pork comes from Thailand’s best high welfare farms. All the farms we work with are either free-range or permaculture farms, all offering a good life for the pigs. We focus on ethical farming practices and the farms have shaded areas for the animals to escape the Thai heat during the day. We avoid using any antibiotics unless strictly necessary. Although we want to make sure our pigs have the best life, we also believe a happy pig makes the best pork. See our range click here.