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Do you deliver out of Bangkok?

Yes, we deliver nationwide via a selection of trusted couriers, We charge 500 baht for delivery and this includes overnight delivery to your door in an insulated box with ice packs/ dry ice. Free delivery on oredrs over 7,000 baht

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery via our own vans/ bikes are –

95 baht  Central Bangkok and Bangna

195 baht  Outer Bangkok

295 baht Chaeng Wattana/ Nichada Thani/ Rangsit

Bangkok deliveries free over 5,000 baht

500 Baht Upcountry (Free on orders over 7,000 baht)

Alternatively we can arrange for Lineman or Lalamove to send the delivery directly to you at a convenient time and you will just pay the courier fee directly to the driver.

Please ensure you have added the correct Postcode to get the correct fee.

Can I get a delivery at a specified time?

Although we will always try and help, we can not guarantee delivery at a specific time when using our vans. Bangkok traffic can be very hard to negotiate, so we must have a broad time frame. We offer 10am- 2pm or 2pm- 5pm.

We recommend choosing the Lalamove/ Lineman option if you have a certain time you need the order as it will be a direct delivery at your specified time.

Can you deliver in the evenings?

Sorry, Monday to Saturday daytime only.

Can I get same day delivery?

Yes, but do ask us first as some items are cut to order. If we can send we always will. Send us a message on Line @sloanesbkk to chat with the sales team or butcher.

In a hurry we recommend you purchase from one of nearly 100 supermarkets nationwide that supply our products.

Can I order and come and collect from you?

Certainly, our shop is based on Soi La Salle 29 and we’re open Monday to Saturday 8am-5pm. 


Do your products contain Nitrite/ Nitrates?

None of our products contain nitrates and only our cured/ semi cured products contain nitrites as they are a vital part of making cured meats. All our fresh products are fully nitrite/nitrate free.

We are in talks with various international companies that produce nitrite alternatives, but as yet haven’t found something that is suitable.

The nitrite levels in our cured items (bacon/ ham/ chorizo) are strictly regulated and tested and are at a very safe level. To put it into context, a portion of sautéed spinach will have more nitrites in than a portion of our bacon.

Can you produce me some Nitrite Free Bacon? I used to buy it in the US.

Sorry, the bacon in the US that claims ‘no added nitrites’ still contains nitrites and the terminology is misleading and illegal in most countries. It is just produced using celery salt as celery is extremely high in nitrite.

Do your products contain MSG?

No, no MSG or its derivatives are used in any product.

Where do your meats come from?

We purchase directly from high-welfare farms across Thailand only and try and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible and only use imported ingredients when there is no alternative. We feel shipping meats halfway across the world defies some of the major reasons we want more suitable foods.

Please see our social media pages to see the farms and the quality of life they offer to their animals.

Are your meats organic?

Officially no, with the exceptions of our choicken farms. We don’t use the term organic in any of our descriptions and don’t believe other non-certified suppliers should use the term either. We work with the country’s leading high-welfare farms and believe we offer the highest quality meat in both ethics and taste available in Thailand.

I have a severe food allergy can you produce a product without certain ingredients?

For most items we can, but there will be a minimum order for it. Please contact us to discuss your needs before ordering.

I am having a party, can I get wholesale prices as it will be a larger order?

Sorry, wholesale prices are for regular wholesale purchases only and we require company tax documents to offer the wholesale price.

We do offer discounted BBQ Boxes for customers wanting a discount on large party orders. These can be customized to suit your needs too. Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Can you send a staff member to cook at my BBQ?

Sorry, we are not able to offer a full catering service. Just the food.

Are your products Gluten Free?

Most of our products are gluten free, but not all (a few of the British styles sausages contain a small amount of breadcrumbs), please contact us if you have any food allergies/ intolerances.