When you think about food in Thailand, the first few things that come to mind would probably be street food, seafood or tropical fruits. But did you know that you can get high-quality artisan cheeses in Thailand too? In fact, there is currently a growing number of artisanal cheese producers in Thailand who make high-quality cheese using high-quality milk from local farms. Go to any supermarket and you will find a growing cheese selection. However, most of the cheese comes from overseas. ฺ

At Sloane’s

We are lucky and proud to work with some of Thailand’s best cheese makers who produce a wide range of cheeses with high-quality milk from free-range animals. Hence, we’re dedicating this week to local, artisan cheese.

We work closely with a selection of Thai artisan cheese makers all making high-quality small-batch items here in Thailand. We only work with suppliers that follow the same principles as we do when it comes to animal welfare and quality produce.

Chiang Rai Cheese

We have been working with Chiang Rai Cheese for six years now. Their cheeses are produced from milk using dairy cattle and goats raised and cared for by local farmers all within the northern province of Chiang Rai.

The fresh milk is delivered every morning from over 70 small farms across Chiang Rai to the local co-operative. It’s then tested for quality, bottled and sent to schools across the district. They supply 40,000 school children every day. Any spare milk gets bought by Chiang Rai Cheese for their products.

The local farmers, all members of Chiang rai Dairy Co-operative, have gone through intensive training.  Regular technical updates help to keep them informed of the most modern farming methods available allowing them to keep their facilities ethical and clean.

They only accept the highest quality of milk which gives the cheeses a unique and distinctive taste not available elsewhere.

Heaven On Cheese

After a career as a chef working across the world, Chef Reinhard settled in Nakon Sawan and spends his spare time making artisan dairy products with his wife. Using only fresh, raw cow’s milk from local farms and traditional methods, their products are rich and flavorsome and will rival any of the import found in Thai supermarkets.

Heath Farm 

Heath Farm is a small artisan producer who cares about quality. With a small dedicated team making small batches, they focus on producing the best cheese possible.
All their products are carefully nurtured through the aging process until they’re ready to be sold. They check each individual wheel before it goes out.