Cooking time :
30 Mins

Prep time :
30 Mins

Course :

Detail :

A good Full English Breakfast come down to good ingredients, as well as using Sloane’s meats


Sloane’s Cumberland / English Breakfast sausage

Sloane’s Back bacon

Sloane’s Hot Smoked Bacon

Sloane’s Black Pudding

Hash Browns (homemade is best, recipe follows)

Portobello Mushroom

Tomato (good quality, ripe only)

Free-Range Organic eggs (we prefer Sirin Farm eggs)

Baked Beans (homemade or Heinz)

Brown Sauce or Ketchup


  • Add a splash of oil to the pan and have it on a medium heat. First add the sausages. Slowly roll these in the pan so they get a good even colour and crisp up the skin, this will take about 10 minutes. During this time, in the same pan sear the sides of the black pudding and add the tomato too. Once you have a nice colour to all of them add to the tray in the oven to slowly cook through while you get the rest of the items on. Add your hash browns to the oven to reheat now too.
  • Now it's time for your bacon. Having a mix of two styles of bacon is perfect for an English breakfast, so we use both Back and the smoked belly bacons on ours. Bacon is a personal choice, so if you like it extra crispy turn the heat up a little and crispy it up. I like to use a griddle pan as it cooks the bacon in a way you get some extra caramelized areas, but without it drying up completely. But for here, no need for oil, plenty of fat will come out of the bacon, just heat up the pan and cook the bacon until it’s add your prefered crispness. Remove the bacon and put aside to drain, but keep the fat in the pan. Now seaon your mushrooms and add to the bacon pan to take in all that flavour. Sear on both sides until cooked through and then add both the mushrooms and bacon to the oven tray. Put your beans on to reheat
  • Now everything is about ready and being kept warm in the oven and it's time to cook your eggs. Eggs are another personal preference, but no one likes an old dried up egg, so what ever style you do, do them last. I like fried eggs and for me they should be gently good in very little oil. An egg fried fast in lots of oil goes well on top of a Pad Krapao, but it’s too greasy to go on plate that already has fatty foods like bacon and sausages. Although many may disagree! For me they are best cooked slowly in a non-stick pan with just a tiny amount of oil. Just enough to be able to splash a little over the tops to set the white, but keep the yolk soft. By now everything should be cooked through and warm, but without drying up. Add to your plates and serve with a good HP sauce or Ketchup and enjoy a real Full English Breakfast.